Registration is open to district residents in grades TK-6.
West Side School maintains one classroom per grade level. Students from out of the district’s boundaries may apply to enroll through the use of an Interdistrict Transfer from their school of residency. Parents interested in attending West Side School may contact office personnel, at 433-3923 or by email to Susanne Esquivel at sesquivel@westsideusd.org.  

Kindergarten Enrollment-Observation Days– January 13 or January 16, 2020: 9-10:00 a.m. in Phoenix Hall
Please call Diane at 707-433-3923 x 10 or email dmiller@westsideusd.org. to schedule your visit

These forms are available in the West Side office.  Prior to the start of school, please provide:


  • Physician’s Report of Health (forms can be obtained at the school)
  • Immunization Requirements: for more information, see the CA Dept of Health Services’ Website here.
  • Oral Health Form or Request for Waiver-Take the Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request form to your dental office, as it will be needed for your child’s check-up. If you cannot take your child in for this required assessment, please indicate the reason for this in Section 3 of the form. You can get more copies of the necessary form at school or online from the California Department of Education’s Website here.


  • California law requires schools to maintain the privacy of students’ health information.
  • Your child’s identity will not be associated with any report produced as a result of these requirements.
  • If economic circumstances are preventing you from obtaining the above requirements, you may be eligible for assistance.


Please contact our office for further information or to register info@westsideusd.org