Distance Learning Update March 31

Distance Learning Update, March 31, 2020


Dear West Side Families,


April is almost here, and even though we are happy to see that spring is here, we miss our students and families dearly!


Please read the following update as NEW information is being sent regarding distance learning for the month of April.


Technology Survey:  These are now completed and we have 19 families that need assistance with having a computer and Internet access.  We have contacted these families directly.


Please click on the http://www.westsideusd.org/apps/news/article/1201039 regarding access to free or reduced Internet access.  This is the responsibility of the families to contact the companies.


Chromebook Access:  These are reserved to those students who don’t have access at home. If you believe you need a Chromebook due to another circumstance, please call the office. A use agreement will need to be completed by Friday, April 3, 2020. If the use agreement is not returned by Friday, April 3, a chromebook will not be checked out to your child.


Zoom: Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020, teachers will begin to host Zoom meetings, which will serve a variety of purposes.  In the beginning, these meetings will be to meet and greet each other virtually then move onto other activities, like sharing information and answering questions.


The scheduled times will be as follows:



Zoom Meeting Time Daily

Mr. Greenwald

9:00 am

Mrs. Kettmann

10:00 am

Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. Brooks

9:30 am

Mrs. Mendez

10:30 am

Mrs. Kee

11:00 am

Mrs. Bjorkquist

9:00 am

Mr. Tan

11:30 am


Zoom Cheat: Please see the Zoom Cheat Sheet if you have not used Zoom before. Per Zoom legal requirements, those under 18 cannot have their own account. By April 5, 2020, please create one as an adult, have your child access the zoom meeting with your supervision, or join the meeting as a guest.


Teachers will communicate meeting access information.


NEW INFORMATION regarding the Collection and Distribution of Learning Packets:  West Side will distribute learning packets on the following Wednesdays,  April 8 and April 22


On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, parents may drop off Learning Packet #1 if FULLY completed when they pick up from the school Learning Packet #2, which may include additional textbooks and Chromebooks. If Learning Packet #1 is not fully completed, please wait until Learning Packet #3 is sent home to return.


The following schedule and protocol will be followed.

  1. Pull up to the curbside, in front of the office.
  2. There is no need to leave your car, as campus is closed.
  3. A staff member will take the Learning Packet #1 if fully completed and provide you with Learning Packet #2.


Alphabetical by Last Name

Pick Up Time


























Google Classroom:  IT is in the process of setting up google classroom for those teachers that will be using it, in particular grades 3-6.   Your child’s teacher will be sending out communication regarding its use.


School Playgrounds and Outdoor Spaces:  These are closed as part of Governor Newsom’s declaration.


Friendly Reminder from After Care: To our West Side families who have relied on after care, we are hopeful that school will resume May 4. In order to participate in After Care when school resumes, all outstanding invoices need to be paid.


To access the Procare link for Tuition Express please use our school website www.westsideusd.org to access the online payment system. Use the Parent tab at the top of the page and drop down to After Care. You will see the link available.


Please email Leila McPhee, West Side After Care Director at [email protected] with any comments or concerns.


Yearbook:  Calling all pictures! Our yearbook deadline is looming!  Please upload by April 3, 2020. http//images.memoryebooks.com. User ID 414943716


Physical Education:  During the school day, students receive regular physical education. Teachers will share activity ideas and we will post some online as well.


Thank you again for your patience and your support!  Please reach out during office hours from 9-2 if you have any questions.




Mrs. Menlove