Staff Phone and Email Directory

Unless indicated, staff contact is 707-433-3923 plus extension.
(Dial extension when you hear the main line message).
If no extension listed, please contact the main the office (ext 10).

Rima Meechan, Superintendent / Principal
Ext 12

James Greenwald, Kindergarten
Ext 25

Jennifer Kettmann, Grade 1
Ext 21 

Beth Mendez, Grade 2
Ext 22 

Sara Kee, Grade 3
Ext 23  

Lamiel Bjorkquist, Grade 4
Ext 15 

Susie Dalton, Grade 5
Ext 16  

Teresa Brooks, Grade 6
Ext 14  

Heidi Rochford, Resource Specialist
Ext 20 
Assistant: Charmaine Garland  

Jamie Hunt, Business Manager
Ext 24  

Susanne Esquivel, Office Manager
Ext 10 

Leila McPhee, After Care Director
Ext 18  or directly (707) 433-4541  

Sara Vaughn, Speech Therapist
Ext 19 

Stefanie Freele, Garden Coordinator/Environmental Educator 

Mark Zastrow, Custodian
Ext 30 

Laura Hanki, School Nurse 

Matt Park, School Psychologist  

Special Education Instructional Assistants

Charmaine Garland

Trish Evans

Instructional Assistants

Joyce Lucid 

Patty McHugh