Staff Phone and Email Directory

Unless indicated, staff contact is 707-433-3923 plus extension.
(Dial extension when you hear the main line message).
If no extension listed, please contact the main the office (ext 10).

Kris Menlove, Superintendent / Principal
Ext 12

James Greenwald, Transitional Kindergarten
Ext 25

Jennifer Kettmann, Kindergarten
Ext 21 

Susan Dalton, First Grade
Ext 22 

Beth Mendez, Grade 2
Ext 23 

Sara Kee, Grade 3
Ext 28  

Lamiel Bjorkquist, Grade 4
Ext 15 

Armin Naghashian, Grade 5
Ext 16 

Teresa Brooks, Grade 6
Ext 14  

Heidi Rochford, Resource Specialist
Ext 20 
Assistant: Charmaine Garland  

Jamie Hunt, Business Manager
Ext 24  

Susanne Esquivel, Office Manager
Ext 10 

Leila McPhee, After Care Director
Ext 18  or directly (707) 433-4541  

Sara Vaughn, Speech Therapist
Ext 19 

Stefanie Freele, Garden Coordinator/Environmental Educator 

Mark Zastrow, Custodian
Ext 30 

Laura Hanki, School Nurse 

Matt Park, School Psychologist  

Special Education Instructional Assistants

Charmaine Garland

Trish Evans

Instructional Assistants

Joyce Lucid 

Jacqui Luna

Patty McHugh