School Site Council

2023-24 Site Council Members
Rima Meechan, Superintendent/Principal
Beth Mendez, Chairperson, Certificated Staff Representative
Sara Kee, Vice Chairperson, Certificated Staff Representative
Miriam Lopez, Classified Staff Representative
Lacie Ramirez, Classified Staff Representative
Anna Levinger, Secretary, Parent Representative
Vivan Acebal, Parent Representative
Hamidah Salzmann, Parent Representative
Christa Jimenez Suarez,Parent Representative

What is School Site Council? The Site Council is a legally mandated group that represents the teachers, administration, and parents of a school.

What are the responsibilities of the School Site Council (SSC)? Parent Advisory Committee? - as used in California Education Code (EC) sections 52063 and 52069, shall be composed of a majority of parents, as defined in subdivision (e), of pupils and include parents of pupils to whom one or more of the definitions in EC Section 42238.01 apply. A governing board of a school district or a county superintendent of schools shall not be required to establish a new parent advisory committee if a previously established committee meets these requirements, including any committee established to meet the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110) pursuant to Section 1112 of Subpart 1 of Part A of Title I of that act.
Meetings are open to anyone that would like to attend.

2023-24 Site Council Agenda & Meeting Minutes 
Date Location Agenda Approved Meeting Minutes 
      5-3-23 Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2023 Room 2 10-11-23 Agenda 10-11-23 Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2023  Room 2 11-08-23 Agenda 11-08-2023 Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2023  Room 2 12-06-23 Agenda  
January 17, 2024 Room 2    
February 14, 2024 Room 2    
March 13, 2024 Room 2    
April 17, 2024 Room 2    
May 15, 2024 Room 2    
Date Location Agenda Minutes
October 19, 2022 Room 2 View View
November 30, 2022 Room 2 View View
December 14, 2022 Room 2 No Mtg No Mtg
January 18, 2023 Room 2 View View
February 15, 2023 Room 2 View View
March 29, 2023 Room 2 View View
April 19, 2023 Room 2 No Mtg No Mtg
May 3, 2023 Room 2 View