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Emergency Communications

Emergency Procedures Student Pick-up in the Event of an Emergency
August 2023
Dear Parents:
In the event of an emergency, it may become necessary to relocate the school population to either of our two alternative sites. Such a move would take place when it is determined by school or county officials that keeping students in the school would be hazardous to students and staff. We have two alternative sites. The first is the old Felta Schoolhouse on the corner at 1043 Felta Road, just before West Side, and the second site is the ranch belonging to our neighbor, Robert Lownes, at 1289 Felta Road, just past West Side. In the event that West Side School is determined to be unsafe, students will be transported to Felta Schoolhouse or the Lownes property. When you are notified of the relocation, you will be told which site the students have been transported to.
When you arrive to pick up your child–either at West Side School or one of the two alternative sites–there will be a student release station. Please pay attention to all directions for parking. Locate the release station and give the station worker your child's name. Once you have been identified, your child will be brought to you at the station. It is essential that parents cooperate with the release station procedures. We must be organized in order to ensure 100% accountability for our students. All individuals picking up students must be positively identified by our staff or provide valid identification. Unless a person's name is on your emergency card as having your permission to pick up your child, we will not release your child to them.
If it becomes necessary to relocate our students, the County Office of Education will be notified. The County Office will activate the media. Please tune in to KSRO Radio (1350 AM) and/or KZST Radio (100.1 FM) for information and directions. The Parent Notification System (Blackboard Connect) will be activated. It is critically important that our office has all necessary CURRENT phone numbers so that we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency at any time during the school day. Please keep a copy of your emergency card for your files.
Student safety is one of our primary concerns at West Side School. We appreciate your support and assistance in this important matter. Please call us at 433-3923 with any questions or concerns about our emergency planning procedures.
Rima Meechan