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West Side students experience music by listening, speaking, chanting, singing, moving, playing, reading, writing, and arranging. Each of these elements is critical for students' learning of music. These basic elements provide a foundation for advanced development when students interpret, compose, improvise, and evaluate music and musical performances.

Our instrumental music program is offered to our 5th and 6th grade students. The band accompanies all lower grade choral productions, such as the Winter Program each December, and multi-grade drama productions. Two annual music programs at West Side highlight and demonstrate the sequential instruction provided over the year.

Students are exposed to music history and develop knowledge and technical skills of musical performance. Music education is capable of engendering the depth of understanding and personal commitment required for students to sustain meaningful, lifelong relationships with music-as appreciators, or as non-professional and professional musicians.

The Healdsburg Jazz Festival’s educational program – Operation Jazz Band – brings the living tradition of jazz directly into the classroom.  This program enriches the standard American History curriculum offered to our fifth graders.

These enrichment programs are made possible through the generous funding from the Felta Education Foundation.