Distance Learning Update April 7, 2020


Dear West Side Families,

Distance Learning is brand new territory for all of us, and whether a parent/caregiver, West Side staff member or student, we are all being asked to do things a new way.  There may be glitches along the way, and we ask that you are patient as we try to figure this out. We are in this together, and that is why our motto Small School. Big Impact. is even more evident with this new challenge.

Please know and understand that your child’s teacher is working hard behind the scenes to make this as beneficial and smooth as possible. All of us are here to support not only your child but you as the parent/caregiver.  We are committed to creating a distance learning plan that serves all students and provides a reasonable balance for you, your student and their teacher. We look forward to working with you as we all tackle this challenge.

How often will I receive a Learning Update? Once a week.

How can I access the Learning Update? These are sent via email, the website or through the school news mobile app. Thank you to Shelly Larson who will post the update as well to the West Side Parents Facebook Page. 

What is Distance Learning? We are still in school, just in different locations using a variety of methods for teaching and learning. 🙂

When will Learning Packets be collected and delivered? Just a reminder that learning packets will be distributed and collected on the following Wednesdays for April, the 8th and 22nd.  When you pick up your packet, staff will be wearing gloves and masks as a safety measure. Each family should determine for itself how long to wait prior to opening and using materials. Please see this World Health Organization link for more information.

Can I make other arrangements to receive materials and to send materials back to school?  Yes, please contact your teacher to let them know.   Assignments may also be scanned, emailed, and sent through google classroom if your child’s teacher is using it. Please contact your teacher if this is something you are interested in. We are here to help!

What if I have questions about my child’s learning packet? Each teacher will communicate DIRECTLY with families regarding what materials are to be returned, as some materials are needed at home until the school year is complete. Please contact your teacher if you have questions about assignments.

What are the procedures for Learning Packet Pick Up?

  1. Pull up to the curbside, in front of the office.
  2. There is no need to leave your car, as campus is closed.
  3. A staff member will take learning packet #1 and provide you with learning packet #2.

Alphabetical by Last Name

Pick Up Time

























How will I know if my child’s teacher is using Google Classroom? Your child’s teachers will communicate that directly to you. Grades 3-6 are utilizing.

When are Zoom Meetings?  Each teacher will share directly with families expectations for Zoom use.  Please contact them if you have questions. 

When is Grab and Go?  NEW Grab and Go Pick Up Days:  ****Beginning April 13th,

only come to school Monday and Wednesday for Grab and Go!*****

Pick Up Monday-Families will be provided breakfast and lunch for Monday AND Tuesday.

Pick Up on Wednesday-Families will be provided breakfast and lunch for Wednesday AND Thursday AND Friday. 

What should I do if I have an After Care balance? In order to participate in After Care when school resumes, all outstanding invoices need to be paid.

To access the Procare link for Tuition Express please use our school website www.westsideusd.org to access the online payment system. Use the Parent tab at the top of the page and drop down to After Care. You will see the link available.

Please email Leila McPhee, West Side After Care Director at [email protected] with any comments or concerns. 

What is happening with the Felta Fiesta?  At this time, please hold onto all your payments and stubs until further notice. Please contact FEF if you have additional questions at [email protected].

What if I contributed to a field trip?  West Side will either return your check if it wasn’t cashed yet or you will be reimbursed.  Please contact Jamie Hunt, business manager, [email protected] if you have questions regarding this.

I have so much confidence in and admiration for our staff. I am also in awe of the resilience of our students and the strength and resolve of people and families in our community. I am inspired by the stories I have heard of people helping people during this time of crisis.

We will get through this together. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Mrs. Menlove