Announcement of Programming and Staffing Changes

March 30, 2021
Dear West Side Families,
This letter is to inform you of programming and staffing changes that are taking place for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year
Transitional Kindergarten-Kindergarten: Leila McPhee will be serving as the instructional aide. Miss Leila has been working with Mr. Greenwald’s class this year during distance learning, and we are happy that the students will be meeting her in person.
Kindergarten: Patty McHugh will be serving as the instructional aide. Miss Patty served previously as the TK-K aide and knows the children well. It is wonderful to know that the students will have another familiar face on campus when they return.
First and Second Grade: We have posted for instructional aides. If you are interested, please click HERE. We would love to have a parent join us on staff at West Side.
Third Grade: Mrs. Kee has taken a leave of absence and Trish Evans will be the long term substitute. In previous school years, they have partnered together when Ms. Evans was the third grade instructional aide.
Fifth Grade: Mr. Armin will be the long term substitute, as Mrs. Bedient will not be returning after the break for personal reasons. Miss Joyce, who serves as a 1:1 aide, will be assisting in the class.
Phoenix Hall: In order to accommodate for social distancing, third grade will have class in Phoenix Hall. We have been busy making it come to life as a classroom. The third grade classroom will be used as the Care Room for students that have Covid symptoms.
Please know that a lot of thought and planning goes into programming and staffing decisions with the best interests of our students and school community in mind.
More updates will continue to be sent by the office and individual teachers so please check your email regularly! We are excited for students to return!
Mrs. Menlove