Sonoma County Spelling Bee Achievements

Fifty students competed in the 2021 Sonoma County Elementary Virtual Spelling Competition held on Thursday, April 29. Due to COVID-19 this year's spelling bee was held virtually. This annual event brings the county’s best fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade spellers together in a competition designed to promote and acknowledge exemplary student achievement. These students previously won their school spelling competitions, which made them eligible to compete for the title of county spelling champion.

The fourth place title went to Aubrey Phipps-Parnay who successfully spelled picnic, nectar, paraphrase and infallible, but was tripped up with lieutenant in Round 5.  Good job, Aubrey!  We're also proud that Stella Pryden placed 13th place.  Go Bobcats!!  

Co-champions were declared in round 9. Alina Blascow, a sixth-grader at Sonoma Mountain Charter School in Old Adobe Union, successfully spelled ecstatic, culpable and gorgonize. Sixth-grader Sofia Pomares, who attends The Presentation School, a private school in Sonoma, successfully spelled sardonic, colossal, villainous

The state competition held in San Joaquin County was cancelled this year.