Drop Off and Pick Up Instructions

Please help us keep drop off and pick up running as smoothly as possible:
  • No temperatures will be taken so please be sure to assess for COVID symptoms before you leave home.  Any symptom (fever, cough, etc...), please do not bring your child to campus.
  • Have your child pack their backpack with labeled water bottle, snack, lunch, sweatshirt, and schoolwork before you leave home.
  • Say your goodbyes on the drive in to the school.
  • Schedule your arrival time at West Side based on the drop off and pick up times indicated on the back of your dashboard sign.  The bus for in-district students will be dropping off at 8:10 and picking up at 2:50 - please give it priority. 
  • Pull all the way up in the loading zone so that we don't have cars on Felta Rd.
  • Staff will be outside to help your child transition from the car to the classroom.
  • If you need more signs, please let Susanne in the office know (info@westsideusd.org).  Anyone picking up your child needs a dashboard sign.  
Thank you!