Felta Education Foundation Letter to Parents

Greetings West Side Families!

We are excited to share the latest news about West Side’s enrichment programming for the 2021-2022 school year. We are FEF, The Felta Education Foundation. We are West Side parent volunteers who coordinate fundraising to support our wonderful enrichment programming at West Side. You are welcome to join us!

Despite not reaching our fundraising goal last year, we did raise $53, 490.62 and received a COVID relief grant for a total of $58,490.62, all of which will be used to support enrichment programming this year.  We are happy to say that we are still able to offer a wonderful enrichment program for your children this year. 

West Side Enrichment Program for the 2021-2022 School Year:

  1. The Garden at West Side: This year at West Side your children will continue to have outdoor education in our beautiful West Side garden with Ms. Stefanie. Your children will learn botany, biology, ecology, and environmental science in this wonderful hands-on way, and with our wonderful teacher Ms. Stefanie.
  2. The Arts at West Side: This year West Side children will participate in our new expanded Arts Equity Education Program, which will include both visual and performing arts. Under the coordination of our wonderful art program director, Jessica Martin, West Side students will experience diverse guest performances, and small artist residencies with local visual and performing artists, who will teach topics such as film making, cartooning, fabric dying, and electronic music making. 
  3. Physical Education at West Side: Let’s get moving! After a year of Zoom, we are so excited to add physical education to the FEF supported programming as West Side. Our new PE teacher will begin working with children soon, and we are delighted to welcome Tiffany Belize in that role. Welcome Tiffany!

In addition to the above FEF funded programming, West Side is also offering 5th and 6th grade band with our band teacher, Spike Sikes. Welcome back Spike! While this program is not funded by FEF and is private pay ($50/per month for two band classes each week), FEF will work to support any band scholarships for any families who need that support. If you’d like to apply for a band scholarship, please reach out to Susanne at info@westsideusd.org

And lastly, we will hold two big fundraisers this year. Please be on the lookout for news about our upcoming Fall 2021 Fundraiser and our Spring 2022 Fundraiser. If you met some of our parent volunteers at the Open House in August, we’ll be reaching out to you soon about ways you can help us fundraise and support enrichment programming for next year. If you want to reach out to FEF now, please send us a text at (707) 291-9494.

Thank you, West Side!

-The FEF Parent Volunteers