West Side Race Results - WOW $20,461!!

Sullivan Cox in 1st Grade raised the most money, a total of $873!  He receives a $100 gift card of his choice. Way to go Sullivan!
The 1st Grade Class raised the most money overall, totaling of $4,025, and receives a gift card as well.  What an incredible job!  
Class Totals and the individual winners who raised the most in their classes (and will receive a $10 Costeaux French Bakery gift card):
Kindergarten $2,330 - Top fundraiser Lucas Nelson $300
1st Grade $4.025 - Top fundraiser Sullivan Cox $873
2nd Grade $2,035 - Top fundraiser Cyrus Titus $295
3rd Grade $2,255 - Top fundraiser Quinn Tarlton $590
4th Grade $3,606 - Top fundraiser Landon Moore $650
5th Grade $3,065 -Top fundraiser Fiona O'Sullivan
6th Grade $3,145 - Top fundraiser Ciara Angell $500