West Side Masking Protocols effective March 14, 2022

Thank you to everyone who provided input on masking protocol changes through the survey and the Special Board meeting Tuesday.  The Board of Trustees approved the following Masking Protocol.  
March 14 - 17:  Masks are strongly recommended indoors and optional outdoors. 
March 18 - 28:  SPRING BREAK
March 29 - April 1:  Masks are strongly requested indoors and optional outdoors. 
April 4:  Return to masks being strongly recommended indoors and optional outdoors.  
West Side will respect and support parent and student decisions on masking.  Staff will continue to wear masks indoors.  
Mitigation Strategies
  • We are strongly requesting that everyone on campus mask for the four days following spring break to avoid any possible spread from travel and visiting exposures.  
  • Home COVID tests will be sent home prior to spring break.  Please let the office know if your student tests positive and keep them home.    
  • Doors and windows will be kept open and HEPA filtration units will be operating.
  • Testing will continue to be available in the office for anyone who is returning from being ill or has developed symptoms or been exposed.  Weekly pool testing will continue.  
  • Indoor masking will be required in the future: 
    • If there is a positive classroom case, students in that classroom will be required to wear masks indoors for five days to prevent further spread.  Testing will be offered to the whole class. 
    • In the event there is a surge and the county case rate exceeds 50 per 100,000.
    • If required by Sonoma County Department of Public Health
    • If the school community (student and staff) case rate results in potentially unmanageable absences. 
We appreciate the families and staff of West Side who have diligently followed safety protocols for the last year.  Thank you for communicating with us regarding your children's symptoms and for keeping them home when they are ill or could expose others.  Great job everyone!  We're in the final stretch!