West Side wins Kids Garden Community Contest

How Does Your Garden Take Care Of YOU?


As reported by First and Second Grade to Ms Stefanie on a rainy day


Greg - Gardens grow us food

Geo - The Chickens give us eggs to eat

Arlo - The bees and the flowers pollinate to give us food

Leo - The gardens give us fruit like strawberries

Cambria - The garden makes us breathe

Grayson - The garden makes the air and helps us breathe

Arlo - Actually, there already is air but plants give us oxygen

August - I figured something out, we give air to the plants, they give air back.

Elise - The trees gives us oxygen, the rain waters the plants

Geo - And, its raining right now

Anders - By ladybugs eat the bugs that try to eat our fruit

Geo - The chickens eat with their tiny beaks and tongues

Greg - The garden grows very healthy stuff

August - The chickens eat the weeds

Arlo - The tree leaves also help make medicines for us. Some types of leaf you can eat after you boil it.

Avery - The rain gives us trees, and the trees give us apples.

August - Sheep give us wool. Herbs can help us heal.

Cambria - The chickens eat ticks.

Jaymus - We can have fun in it and it is a home for the chickens and insects and produces food that we can eat.

Grayson  - It is a fun place to be, produces some things some kids have never seen and we get to build tiny structures

Eli - Some of the plants make skin care oils, stuff for cooking, helping your body, helps you if you are sick, medicines

Lucy - Provides food for animals and insects

Monica - Gardens take care of the environment and provide food for moles

Preston - Gardens create oxygen

Brayden - Trees give us more trees after trees are cut down

Lena - we can find cool animals like the sharp tailed snake

Lucy - animals make soil and bring seeds

Eli - Aloe is an example of a plant that can help your skin