Peptoc is Viral Again!

The Peptoc hotline we made earlier this year has gone viral... AGAIN!  In the last week, we have received almost 4 MILLION calls to the hotline after a few top social media stars posted it on their feeds.
We are receiving messages of thanks from across the country and around the world. Ms. Jessica has been sharing some of those messages with the students. 
Thank you West Side community and students for lifting up so many people in such a challenging, complex time.  You are all a beacon of light and joy!
The Spanish language news station, Telemundo, came to school on Tuesday to film a report on the Peptoc project, and last week Peptoc was covered by the TODAY show. 
In addition to the hotline, Ms. Jessica is working on a book project for Peptoc.  She and Asherah Weiss have put out a world-wide call for encouraging posters made by youth ages 3-21.  If you know of any parents, teachers, or community leaders who would like to collaborate (especially people living abroad!), please let Ms. Jessica know.  The Peptoc website with all the information is: