Garden Update

So much good news to report!
Kinder readied a bed ready for planting Kale by shoveling and smoothing. 
1st grade was kind and eager enough to get that kale planted along with some beautiful butter lettuce starts.
The persimmons are ready and there are plenty of them. As you can see in the photo,
2nd grade enjoyed the persimmons. immensely. 
With 3rd graders, we investigated a way to get rid of pent-up energy, whether it is excitement, anger, fussiness: weeding the invasive bermuda grass.
By dancing to "I Like To Move It," a 4th grade impromptu garden dance party encouraged Coco, the school tortoise, to travel almost all the way across the garden to her winter quarters where she can access the inside of the greenhouse on cool nights.
5th Graders are working on our first garden play, titled "The Honey Games" in honor of our new bees. Stay tuned...
6th graders sketched donated native plants to the West Side Native Garden from the California Native Plant Society. They will be monitoring their chosen plant this school year. In honor of our new campus bees ("Stubborn Girls") 6th grade also participated in honey tasting where they tried to identify the aroma and tastes of two different local samples.