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West Side School's After Care

We are a small after-school daycare program serving grades TK-6.

Students arrive in batches, depending on when they're released from class:

TK/K     1:40

1st-3rd  2:30

4th-6th  2:40

On minimum days, all students are dismissed at 12 noon.

Wednesdays, all students are dismissed at 1:40 and some 5th graders attend band until 2:40.

Our program closes at 6:00 p.m.

Parents only pay for the time their children actually attend aftercare.


  • Each student is a flat rate of $8/hour, billed by the 1/4 hour.
  • We round to the nearest 1/4 hour of time attended in aftercare.  For instance, if a a student attends our program for 37 minutes, we only charge a half hour ($4). However, if it's 38 minutes, it is bumped to 3/4 hour, ($6).
  • Exceptions:
  • Siblings: the first student is charged $8/hour.  Each additional sibling is $6/hr.
  • If a student attends after care more than 10 hours/week, the first 10 hours are $8 each and additional hours are $6/hr.
  • So if a student stays 12 hours, it would be (10 x $8) + (2 x $6) = $92.



  • Tuition is due the Tuesday following the week in which after care was received.  If your payment has not been made by Friday, an additional 10% late fee will be applied.  Furthermore, students with delinquent balances will not be allowed to participate in our after care program.
  • $35 fee returned checks.
  • Any student still enrolled in after care past 6:00 p.m. will incur regular tuition chrages, plus an additional $1/per minute



  • Additional siblings are $2 off the regular tuition rates ($6/hr instead of $8).
  • TK and Kindergartners are paid by the district (meaning it is free to the families) on regular school days only. No district paid tuition is offered to kinders on minimum days or Wednesday early release days.
  • Families that qualify for reduced lunch are offered 50% off their tuition.
  • Families that qualify for reduced lunch are offered 25% off their tuition.
  • Scholarships are offered to families on an as needed basis due to extreme hardship.
  • West Side School employees with a students enrolled in our school, do not have to pay for that child's after care.


Angie Bauman
Director, West Side After Care
(707) 433-4541 After Care Direct Line
(707) 322-8694 My Cell