Garden Update

Students have been experiencing the green glory of Spring: the flowers are colorful, the grass is tall and full of butterflies, ladybugs, lizards etc. We've been photo-documenting the sightings on a board by the office of student sightings: caterpillars, snakes, beetles, birds...Stop by and see the photos. More are continuously added.
 A wildlife camera has also been set up at the creek, so far photographing the scientists who came to check the fish trap and a wiggling grape leaf. However, classes have been making astute predictions as to who or whom may be caught on film. (A bobcat, fox, salmon, Taylor Swift?)
Silly Goose, our newest chicken rescue has decided that Spring also includes motherhood. She is currently sitting on 5 fertilized eggs, and if all goes well, on May 21 we may hear cheep cheep noises.
See photos...